Thursday, November 29, 2012

On the Right Side of Christmas 2012

    Yes, it's time for another compilation of Christmas music.  I don't know if it flows quite as well as some
of the previous Xmas compilations (which are still available to download here), but it's a little more mainstream - probably the one you could play with the least amount of complaints at a holiday party.  


Christmas Is Quiet Wild Colonials
Get Down for the Holidays Jenny O.
Go Where I Send Thee Kenny Burrell
You'll Never Find My Christmas Bishop Allen
Born In Bethlehem Lonnie Donegan
Gift X-Change Calexico
Away In A Manger Buddy & Julie Miller
The First Snowflake The Boy Least Likely To
The Bells Of St. Mary's Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans
I Want A Boy For Christmas Del-Vets
Christmasville USA Jimmy Charles
Merry Christmas Loopy Lu The Kaisers
Jingle Bells Paul Franklin
California Christmas Sleepy Rebels
Deck Us All With Boston Charlie Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Blue Christmas Heartless Bastards
The Gift Of Giving Bill Withers
Sweet Secret Peace Neil Finn
Please Come Home For Christmas Willie Nelson
Silent Night Tom Waits
I Saw Three Ships Nat King Cole
Little Drummer Boy Miracle Legion
O Holy Child Dusty Springfield
Auld Lang Syne The Black On White Affair


J. Loslo said...

Looks like Mediafire has your number-- they've already blocked this download. I was going to skip it, being a hater of Christmas music, until I saw "Deck Us All With Boston Charlie." Don't know the artist, but the song has got to be the parody written by Walt Kelly, creator of "Pogo."

Ishkabibliophile said...

Yeah, looks like Uncle and Aunt Mediafire are being kinda grinchy these days. Ah well, it's on now. As for the Deck Us All With Boston Charlie song - I would imagine there's some link between it and Pogo since Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross were a 50s hipster jazz act

Anonymous said...

Can't get to it again. Drat!

Ishkabibliophile said...

Well, I uploaded it to yet another site. Let's see how this one does. :)

J. Loslo said...

Got it; thanks.

bernardo de andres herrero said...

my favourite bat king cole thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. When the On the Right Side of Christmas compilation appears the festive season can really start... R

Ishkabibliophile said...

I love that Nat King Cole track as well.


Just glad to contribute to the festivities in any way I can. :)

Anonymous said...

"The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth."

Please uplaod again, thanks. I have a few of your other comps, they're quite good.

Ishkabibliophile said...

It's been re-re-reupped. Filefactory, don't let me down. :)

Jerry Lee said...

Thanks for the re-re-up, this looks great. Zippyshare seems to be working fine for some people.

LakerCrazy said...

Ish..Thanks very much.I have everyone one of your "On the Right Side of Christmas Comps"! It's a real "Holiday Tradition" those "Velour Shirts" I get from my ex-mother-in-law every year(I've never worn a "Velour Shirt" in my life!)'s more like those tasty homemade Molasses Cookies my Aunt sends me. I got the "OTRSOC Comp 2012" playing..and all I need now is my "Egg Nog & Rum"! Have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!And A Musical NEW YEAR!

gahndalph said...

any chance of re-upping previous mixes?

Ishkabibliophile said...


Always glad to contribute to the Xmas festivities. :)


I just checked and they seemed to all be available. Which one did you try to download?