Thursday, February 2, 2012

Return of the 90s Indie Goddesses

    Since Mazzy Star just put out a couple of singles (one of them leads off the compilation), I decided that I needed to do another 90s Indie Goddess mix, albeit one with more emphasis on the mellow stuff (and with some of the bands folks recommended in the comments section when I posted Volumes 1&2 - which I'm re-upping as I type.)  And once again, feel free to indulge in as much cultural nostalgia for the 90s as you wish. :)


Lay Myself Down Mazzy Star
Tuesday Night Kristin Hersh
Untogether Belly
Full Moon, Empty Heart Belly
For No One Else The Spinanes
Uncle June And Aunt Kiyoti Kristin Hersh
Divorce Song Liz Phair
The Lights Juliana Hatfield
Shining Road Cranes
When I Die Lush
Into Dust Mazzy Star
Screaming Angels Dancing In Your Garden Lisa Germano
Judas My Heart Belly
Dylan Throwing Muses
Give You My Lovin' Mazzy Star
Chopsticks Liz Phair


Anonymous said...

Great mix, including my favorite Hatfield song: "The Lights". Good choice.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Thanks. Kinda hard to go wrong with early Julia.