Thursday, October 6, 2011

Saluting 70's Singer Songwriters

The term "singer songwriter" often invokes a certain amount of derision today - especially when you mention the 1970s in the same breath. And while there may be certain groups/artists (who shall remain nameless) in that category that haven't aged well or weren't so great to begin with, there were really a lot of great 70's singer songwriters, even if they weren't necessarily labeled as such. For your listening pleasure, then, here's 9 of my singer songwriter favorites.

Close My Eyes                   Arthur Russell
Oh Fernanda Why              Arthur Russell
Here Tonight                      Gene Clark
With Tomorrow                 Gene Clark
So Far Away                      Carole King
Brother, Brother                 Carole King
Speed Of Sound                 Chris Bell
Look Up                             Chris Bell
Future Song                       Curtis Mayfield
Keep On Keeping On        Curtis Mayfield
Inner City Blues                 Rodriguez
To Whom It May Concern Rodriguez
Campo De Encino              Harry Nilsson
Gotta Get Up                      Harry Nilsson
Brother                               Jorge Ben
Oba, Lá Vem Ela             Jorge Ben
Half Past France                 John Cale
Big White Cloud                John Cale

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