Friday, July 22, 2011

Dig That Bap: A Bap Kennedy Sampler

I still remember getting the Irish singer Bap Kennedy's cd Lonely Street in 2000. I really liked his first two releases (Domestic Blues and Hillbilly Shakespeare), but I must confess to a bit skepticism in reading the liner notes as it seemed like a not so great concept album about Hank Williams and Elvis Presley. Well, let's just say it's a good thing I'm a skeptic rather than a cynic since Lonely Street soon became one of my all time favorite cds (if the term desert island discs still meant anything, I'd say it was one of mine). Really, it's hard to imagine a more perfect album from start to finish - every song is a gem, the sequencing is spot-on, and he makes the not quite a concept album concept work brilliantly.

Now his two albums (The Big Picture and Howl On) since then haven't quite matched up, but there are several splendid tracks and really, how could they compare? All of his releases are still available with the exception of Hillbilly Shakespeare (you can also get his solo releases as well as a lot of his stuff with 90s band Energy Orchard - at

According to his website, he's just completing a new cd, so to hold you over, here's a little sampler including several Energy Orchard tracks.

Lost Highway Bap Kennedy
My Money Bap Kennedy
Wasted Energy Orchard
Fireworks Bap Kennedy
Elvis Hank and Me Bap Kennedy
Dirty Old Town Bap Kennedy
Tell Your Mother Energy Orchard
Irish Moon Bap Kennedy
Hey Joe Bap Kennedy
Born To Lose Bap Kennedy
I'm No Angel Energy Orchard
Sailortown Energy Orchard
My Sweet Love Aint Around Bap Kennedy
The Beautiful Country Bap Kennedy
Hanks Last Waltz Bap Kennedy


codeg said...

Many thanks for making me discover Bap Kennedy! Wonder if you have Hillbilly Shakespeare and if you can kindly post it.

Ishkabibliophile said...

You're welcome! Actually, I was listening to Bap yesterday and thinking how his music should be in every jukebox in every Irish bar. And since Hillbilly Shakespeare is out of print, here's the link for download.