Thursday, December 9, 2010

Billie Holiday and Elis Regina - Diva a Deux

While I don't necessarily worship at the altar of Billie Holiday and Elis Regina, I do like 'em both quite a bit. And I was inspired to put 'em together by Arthur Phillips novel The Song is You where there are fairly lengthy disquisitions on both of them (and a particular version of Billie Holiday's I Cover the Waterfront is of great importance to the novel's protagonist). Of course, then, I had to start the mix with I Cover the Waterfront.

I Cover The Waterfront Billie Holiday
Nova Estação Elis Regina
Aviso aos Navegantes Elis Regina
Too Marvelous For Words Billie Holiday
Vida de Bailarina Elis Regina
You Go To My Head Billie Holiday
Me, Myself And I Billie Holiday
Triste Elis Regina
Speak Low Billie Holiday
Aquarela do Brasil Elis Regina
I Wished On The Moon Billie Holiday
Atrás Da Porta Elis Regina
Pois E Elis Regina
Tenderly Billie Holiday
Tatuagem (Tattoo) Elis Regina
You've Changed Billie Holiday
Alô, Alô, Marciano, Marciano Elis Regina
They Can't Take That Away From Me Billie Holiday
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Billie Holiday
�guas De Marco Elis Regina


Kevin Fredette said...

funny - I remember Billie and On the Waterfront in that book, but I have no memory at all of Elis Regina. Maybe because I've never heard of her...

Ishkabibliophile said...

See, now I feel kinda silly because I forget exactly what role the narrator's fondness for Elis Regina plays in the storyline (even though I read it less than a year ago)