Thursday, January 28, 2010

Empty Bed Blues

Well, it's getting cold again in the northeast, so what better time to post some bawdy old blues? In that spirit, here's "Empty Bed Blues" - a compilation of 1920s females blues singers. It came out in 1996, but it's been out of print for a while.

1. If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It) - Barrell House Annie
2. Ice Man (Come on Up) - Memphis Minnie
3. Take Me for a Buggy Ride - Bessie Smith
4. Sam-The Hot Dog Man - Lil Johnson
5. He's Just My Size - Lillie Mae Kirkman
6. My Castle's Rockin' - Alberta Hunter
7. My Butcher Man - Georgia White
8. My Handy Man - Ethel Waters
9. Keep on Eatin' - Memphis Minnie
10. Shave 'Em Dry, No. 2 - Lucille Bogan
11. Send Me a Man - Alberta Hunter
12. Walking the Street - Georgia White
13. In the Racket - Billie Pierce
14. Empty Bed Blues, Pts. 1-2 - Bessie Smith
15. I've Got What It Takes - Virginia Liston
16. Or Leave Me Alone - Lil Armstrong
17. Furniture Man Blues, Pt. 2 - Lonnie Johnson, Victoria Spivey
18. Get 'Em from the Peanut Man (The New Hot Nuts) - Lil Johnson
19. Blues Ain't Nothin' But...? - Georgia White
20. Can't Be Bothered With No Sheik - Rosa Henderson
21. Kitchen Man - Bessie Smith
22. One Hour Mama - Ida Cox
23. Good Time Mama Blues - Martha Copeland
24. For Sale (Hannah Johnson's Big Jack Ass) - Clara Smith
25. You've Been a Good Ole Wagon - Bessie Smith


Miles said...

i don't know which is worse --- the cold weather, or facing an empty bed. this comp might help with either, but i doubt it. still, i look forward to hearing it. thanks.

Ishkabibliophile said...

@ Miles - Unfortunately, music does have limited healing powers. But it's still a very good comp. :)

Anonymous said...

Great, sensational, fantastic, brilliant compilation.



Ishkabibliophile said...

It really is an underappreciated gem. Too bad it wasn't put out on a bigger label - it might have gotten more attention.