Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emmy and Nancy

Commuting to work by train as I do, I seem to gravitate to the twangy stuff for my morning ride in the fall. So here's a mixtape featuring Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith - with an emphasis on their albums from the 80s. (Oh, and if you hear a few crackles - well, some of the mp3s were burned from vinyl and I'm too lazy to do all that high-falutin' digital editing.)

Ooh Las Vegas Emmylou Harris
I Wish It Would Rain Nanci Griffith
It's Only Rock & Roll Emmylou Harris
In My Dreams Emmylou Harris
If I Were The Woman You Wanted Nanci Griffith
You're Supposed To Be Feeling Good Emmylou Harris
Spin On A Red Brick Floor Nanci Griffith
Feelin' Single - Seein' Double Emmylou Harris
Mary & Omie Nanci Griffith
Ashes By Now Emmylou Harris
Love Wore a Halo (Back Before the War) Nanci Griffith
I Would Change My Life Nanci Griffith
Mystery Train Emmylou Harris
Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith Nanci Griffith
Amarillo Emmylou Harris
One of These Days Nanci Griffith
Love Is A Hard Waltz Nanci Griffith
Sin City Emmylou Harris
White Line Emmylou Harris
Sweet Dreams Will Come Nanci Griffith


simon2307 said...

Nice Mix.
Looking forward to listening to this.

Ishkabibliophile said...


Much obliged. Hope you like it!

Silent 3 said...

Just found your blog. Looking forward to downloading this mix tonight and letting angels sing me to sleep.