Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still Tripping On The Sadies

Like most fans of The Sadies (and like most fans of indie bands), I wonder why they haven't become popular. But I'm even more puzzled by something else. Given their surf/country/spaghetti western sound - why hasn't Quentin Tarantino cast them in one of his movies as the house bar band? And has he even put their music in one of his films??? (I don't think he has, but I'm not sure.) At any rate, here's a nice (I think) 20 track sampler of the scintillating sounds of The Sadies.

Pass the Chutney
The Corktown
1000 Cities Falling (Part 1)
Red Cloth
A Simple Aspiration
What's Left Behind
The Curdled Journey
Tell Her Lies & Feed Her Candy
Walking Boss
The Beach Land
16 Mile Creek Breakdown
Oak Ridges
Wolf Tones
The Pyramid
The Hide Out
Empty the Chamber
Talkin' Down
Northumberland West
Dying Is Easy


sean said...

thank you

Ishkabibliophile said...

You're welcome! I'll probably make a volume 2 at some point. I'd also recommend pretty much all their official releases - their last one, New Seasons, is probably my personal fave.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Great stuff. Sort of like The Feelies at times, but with their own original sound. I am looking foward to Volume 2 (please).