Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greetings from L.A.

This week, I decided to put together a little homage to some LA based performers - Eleni Mandell, Aimee Mann, Stan Ridgway, and Tom Waits. Yeah, I'm an East Coast boy, but like, whatever.....

Closer To Him: Eleni Mandell
Looking for Nothing: Aimee Mann
As I Went Out One Morning: Stan Ridgway
Snaketrain: Stan Ridgway
Hold On: Tom Waits
Man in the Paper Hat: Eleni Mandell
Straight To The Top (Rhumba): Tom Waits
Gone the Distance: Stan Ridgway
Little Tornado: Aimee Mann
Beautiful: Aimee Mann
Tristeza: Eleni Mandell
On A Foggy Night: Tom Waits
In Shades: Tom Waits
One: Aimee Mann
Maybe, Yes: Eleni Mandell
A Mission In Life: Stan Ridgway

Disc Two

Foreign Affair: Tom Waits
Nightmare Song: Eleni Mandell
He Thinks He's In Love: Eleni Mandell
The Moth: Aimee Mann
End Of The Line: Stan Ridgway
Mr. Siegal: Tom Waits
I'm Thru With Love: Eleni Mandell
Picture In A Frame: Tom Waits
Medicine Wheel: Aimee Mann
Man of Stone: Stan Ridgway
Calling Out To Carol: Stan Ridgway
Lord I've Been Changed: Tom Waits
Silverlake Babies: Eleni Mandell
Video: Aimee Mann
Whistle For Louise: Stan Ridgway
Wise Up: Aimee Mann

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