Friday, May 8, 2009

Introducing the Golden Smog

For those of you too young to remember, there was a band called Asia in the early 1980s made up of musicians from YES, ELP, King Crimson (and one of the guys from the Buggles). Their first album had a bunch of hits. Well, I think they were top 20 hits - I just know I heard them a lot on rock radio at the time. I also recall that deejays frequently referred to them as a supergroup which must have impressed me in some way because I still remember the term. Anyway, I was reflecting on the term a couple of weeks back and decided to waste some more precious time by looking at the entry for it on Wikipedia. Of course they had an overly comprehensive list of supergroups. Except they left out those lovably scruffy Midwestern boys of Golden Smog. So here's a compilation to make up for the oversight. (In case folks don't know - the name Golden Smog was taken from one of my all time favorite Flintstones episodes. Hence, the picture on the right.)

Walk Where He Walked
Son (We've Kept the Room Just For You)
Another Fine Day
Making Waves
Pecan Pie
You Make It Easy
Until You Came Along
Lost Love
Can't Even Tie Your Own Shoes
Listen Joe
Backstreet Girl
Redheaded Stepchild
All The Same To Me
Think About Yourself
Without A Struggle
Easy to Be Hard
Jennifer Save Me

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